Well it’s February and it’s Cold & Wet outside! That could be the main reason for the lack of crowds in California wine country tasting rooms. Here at BCWD we feel Winter-time is one of the best times to just kick-back & enjoy the fireplaces and great wine while visiting your favorite tasting rooms. Though if you can’t visit your favorite CA winery in person, you can buy Artisan wines online direct from one of our great CA winery members RIGHT-HERE! because they do business directly w/ you. That’s-right, buy your wine here directly from one of our CA Winery members while sitting in the comfort of your home or office. Besides, what makes a great treat or gift than an affordable bottle (or case) of fine CA Artisan wine.

BCWD – Buy California Wines Direct is the only winery marketing & sales site where you can buy wine online from many California Wineries who want to do business directly with you. If you are a consumer or wine retailer preferring to have a direct relationship with CA Artisan Wineries, then this is your one-stop online place to purchase your desired wines. We understand you can’t visit every CA Winery and BCWD does not want you to miss out on some of the best Red wines, diverse Italian Blends or Port style wines California has to offer. So Buy wine online direct from California wineries today!

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BCWD provides you a single site where you can shop for wine, sort through the selection of wines from our California winery members, communicate directly with them within-the-specific-wine-listing-itself, then purchase that wine online direct from that winery.

You may ask, “what makes BCWD so different than the other online wine sales sites?”
BCWD is truly a revolutionary place to come buy wines. This is because our site is really an extension of the winery itself. Here’s why: The winery creates their own virtual store, makes their own rules/policies, sets their own prices & shipping costs, and then say what they want about their wines in their wine listings. Then they can edit their wine listings as often as they want – for any reason, and much quicker than on their own winery website.
Still more – our member wineries receive 100% of the buyers purchase funds direct and choose how and what method they will accept payment.

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